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Man admits to attempted rape of children


An Elizabethton man will spend two years in prison and a lifetime on state supervision after pleading guilty to two counts of attempted rape of a child in Carter County Criminal Court Friday.

Harry Head

Harry Head Jr.

Harry Trueman Head Jr., was sentenced to one year imprisonment on each count and 20 years of probation from Judge Jon Blackwood, who is serving in the interim until a new judge is appointed to fill the seat of retired Judge Lynn Brown.

Head will also be required to register as a sex offender upon his release and regularly report to authorities.

He was first arrested in July 2011 after the Elizabethton Police Department received an anonymous tip reporting inappropriate contact between him and small children living in his household.

EPD Investigator Chris Bowers previously reported to the STAR that two children told authorities that Head performed sexual acts with them over the course of several months.

The children were removed from the household and placed into protective custody by the state.

Head was indicted by a grand jury last summer on the felony sex charges, and was still incarcerated when he was accused by police of damaging a sprinkler head in the new jail facility and releasing hundreds of gallons of water into the building.

He also pleaded guilty to vandalism in that incident Friday, and his sentence will run concurrent to his two-year sentence on the attempted rape convictions.

Head will receive four months of credit for his time spent incarcerated, leaving 20 months remaining in his prison sentence.

Blackwood warned Head that if he violated his probation once he is released, he would be ordered to serve the full 20 years behind bars.


3 Responses to Man admits to attempted rape of children

  1. He molested these children and only gets 2 YEARS????

  2. He actually molested 4 of his children repeatedly and this was not the first time he was caught, he was caught in another state also and got by with it!!! And this is pathetic that he only got such a short time,these children will have to live with the damage he has done to them mentally for the rest of there lives!! The justice system has failed these precious children!!! And I believe he will burn in hell for this!!!!

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