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Guitarist secures place in talent contest’s top 10


As Charles Carden began to play “You Are My Sunshine” Monday in his living room for Diane Gardner, an organizer of “Carter County’s Got Talent” and 3 Seasons Community Theater co-founder, the emotion began to show.

Charles Carden plays his  his prized Doc Watson signature guitar.

Charles Carden plays his his prized Doc Watson signature guitar.

He told Gardner the song, which he was considering playing for the talent contest audition, reminds him of his late wife Irene.

“When I think of Irene, sometimes tears come to my eyes,” Carden said. “You’ll have to overlook that.”

With his 72 years of experience playing guitar, Gardner was wondering why Carden called her to come listen to him play guitar that morning.

“He just sounded so interesting on the phone,” Gardner said. “He is a character.”

It turns out Carden, who is 90, was trying to build up the courage to audition.

Carden said he gets a little nervous in front of an audience, but loves to play his guitar when he is alone at home.

“I talk to the four walls with my guitar,” Carden said.


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