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All that’s missing are the tax notices


While it appeared uncertain during county budget talks whether tax notices would be mailed out to Carter Countians this year, Assessor of Property Ronnie Taylor and Trustee Randal Lewis said they made the budgetary sacrifices needed to provide that service to property owners.

But despite their efforts, there will still be about a month’s delay in the mailing: the recent shipment from Nashville included everything but tax notices.

“You can’t do anything until you have the notices,” said Gloria Colbaugh, deputy clerk in the trustee’s office. “People are concerned that because of this thing that happened back in the summer that notices are not going to be sent or that they have to pick them up. No. We are going to send notices to everyone as soon as we get them here.”

Taylor said his office has had a problem with receiving tax notices two years in a row.

With the options of traveling to Nashville to pick up tax notices from the Tennessee comptroller’s office or having them mailed to the county, this year Taylor said he chose to wait for them to be shipped.

“When they went last year to pick them up, they still ended up having to ship them because they didn’t have everything ready,” Colbaugh said. “We knew when we saw everything the other day, we didn’t have it all. There’s usually about 13 or 14 boxes of just notices.”


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