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Animal shelter officials expect weather to delay opening


Plans for the new Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter continue to move forward even as the shelter’s Building Committee expects delays due to winter weather.

Committee chairman Mike Barnett told the group that final additions to the shelter are expected in the next few weeks. After the finishing touches are complete a final move-in date can be set.

Barnett said a screen dividing wall had been constructed and the support posts for the roof for the outdoor kennels had been set in concrete in the ground. He said the contractor, who is donating time to the project, expects to install the roof on the posts after Thanksgiving and then the chain link for the kennels and the perimeter fencing can be installed.

County Mayor Leon Humphrey noted that the weather expected through the holidays could delay the plans at the shelter.

“Weather will be a factor on when they can start,” Humphrey said. “We don’t anticipate it will take long to put on the roof and install the fencing once they get started.”

Barnett agreed and added he did not expect any work to start on the outdoor kennels until next week after the weather clears.


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