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Arrests diminish sheriff’s department staff by 2


The Carter County Sheriff’s Department has parted ways with two of its own after each man ran afoul of the law within the past 37 days.

On Friday, Sheriff Chris Mathes mailed out the termination notice for corrections officer Jesse Lee Carico and accepted the resignation of Deputy Matthew Ward Ainsworth after each man had been arrested over the last six weeks.

Ainsworth was arrested Oct. 6 and charged with assault and assault under domestic violence, while Carico was arrested twice, once on Sept. 22, when he was charged with driving under the influence and possession of a Schedule II drug, and again on Saturday, when he was again charged with driving under the influence.

“It’s disappointing,” Mathes said. “They not only let their community down, they let the department down, and themselves and their family down.”

After each man was arrested, Mathes placed each of them on administrative, unpaid leave pending an internal investigation. As of last Friday, each of those investigations had concluded.

Mathes said both men were going to be terminated for conduct unbecoming of an officer of the law. Before being terminated, however, Ainsworth chose another path.

“He sent in his resignation in lieu of termination,” Mathes said. “There were definitely conduct unbecoming charges, internally, that he would have had to deal with. He resigned before that could be handled.”

Before Ainsworth’s arrest Oct. 6, deputies were dispatched to an apartment in the Milligan community, where they were greeted by a woman who said she was his ex-girlfriend. The deputies reported that the woman told them an argument over their relationship resulted in Ainsworth hitting her in the head and face. Authorities then reported that the woman said she went to her neighbor to seek assistance, but Ainsworth returned and hit him in the head and face, as well.


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