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Attorneys in constable’s felony case to meet with doctor


Carter County Constable Leonard Johnson’s plea deadline on a felony reckless endangerment charge has been reset a second time to allow the defense attorney and prosecutor to schedule a joint meeting with a pulmonologist.

Assistant District Attorney Janet Hardin previously said the doctor might be able to provide information related to the cause of the head-on collision on U.S. Highway 19E, which sent Johnson and the driver of the other vehicle to Johnson City Medical Center via WINGS in August 2011.

Street said the pulmonologist would review medical records submitted as evidence to determine if Johnson’s possible medical condition was a factor.

“In review of the records, we need an expert opinion,” said Johnson’s attorney, Stacy Street.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Street told Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood that he attempted to schedule a meeting the week before the hearing, but the pulmonologist was unavailable.

Johnson is scheduled to appear in court again on Oct. 15, but Street expects to no longer be representing, him because he was recently appointed as a Carter County Criminal Court judge.


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