Fall migrants add excitement to recent birding

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Parson’s Son BBQ offers barbecue favorites in Tennessee’s oldest town

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Avocets, warblers bring migration excitement

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Elizabethton man makes sweet harvest while touting the benefit of bees

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Po’Boys stand out at Shrimp Tailers

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Roan Mountain Fall Naturalists Rally returns this weekend

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Vultures serve as nature’s sanitation crews

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Trip to Kingsport’s Thai Noodle Town worth the drive

Published 8/30/2013 at 10:32 am 2 Comments

Hampton gardener fascinated with world’s second-hottest pepper

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Owl, sandpiper increase total of year list

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Theater to host talent competition

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Lone Star Steakhouse serves steaks and much more

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Hampton girl enjoys European adventure with her parents

Published 8/18/2013 at 10:31 am 1 Comment

Terns migrating through region

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Simms Pizzeria serves New York style pizza

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Flock of Red Crossbills highlight from recent Roan trip

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Hayley Hood settling into new roles as Miss Pre-Teen US

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Angkor Bistro introduces a taste of Cambodia

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Elizabethton man captures beauty of dragonflies, damselflies in photographs

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Readers share stories about hummingbirds

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Mediterranean Garden offers Turkish, Greek favorites

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Girl’s backyard find peaks interest in entomology

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Co-op announces plans for Homeschool Expo

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World’s hummingbirds a dazzling lot

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Burger Quest wraps with visit to Burger Hut, Sloopy’s … and a winner

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