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Baby Bottle Campaign a success for St. Elizabeth


Starting in 2007, the parishioners of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church have participated in the Baby Bottle Campaign. Each Lent, baby bottles are available to all the families who wish to take one, and they are asked to fill them with monetary donations during the Lenten season which will be used for the benefit of local women and children in crisis.”

Church members return their bottles during the Easter weekend. Donations are then tallied, and a check given to the Abortion Alternatives and Women’s Center, 145 Judge Don Lewis Blvd., Elizabethton.

Including this year’s contribution of $2,100, St. Elizabeth parishioners’ donations over seven years have totaled more than $15,000 for the Center to use for its local clients in need.

The Women’s Center is currently providing a summer lunch program from mobile vans for local kids in need of nutritious lunches when schools are not in session. This program involves much time, and gasoline, to drive around to the various areas, in order to deliver the food.

Since The AA&WC moved into its new location just off Highway 91, across the road from the National Guard Armory, plans have been made to have other charitable organizations locate themselves in the neighboring suites, like Food for the Multitude. This group, formerly located at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, operated by volunteers from several Elizabethton churches, had provided food and fellowship on Saturdays for those in need. They just recently were able to resume this activity at the new location.

Naturally, volunteers, monetary contributions, diapers (which are depleted rapidly) for The Women’s Center clients and food donations are always welcome at The AA&WC site.

For more information on any of these programs, or if you would like to volunteer to assist any of these worthwhile organizations, call 543-4673.

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church is located on West C Street in Elizabethton. Pastor is Father Dennis Kress. For more information on the church, call 543-3412.


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