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Bed bug scare raises parents’ concerns


For the most part, people don’t seem to like bugs.

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Bed bugs are very difficult to detect. The Carter County office of University of Tennessee’s Agricultural Extension said that, although reports of bed bug infestations are on the rise, there are other insects that can be commonly confused with the bed bug.

Wives tell husbands, or vice versa, to kill the spider or insect that has invaded their home; children have been known to use magnifying glasses to focus the heat of the sun to burn ants; If a bee lands near someone eating their lunch, often times they will attack it until it flies away; and nothing chases a camper back into their tent like a swarm of gnats flying circles around their head.
Yes, people can be revolted by insects. But there is one instance where that revulsion is intensified … when a bug is on — or in — our skin.
So, when parents heard reports of a lice and bed bug outbreak at Keenburg Elementary Tuesday, naturally some parents were upset.
“It was a nightmare when I found out,” said Heather Bunten, whose daughter MaKayla is a kindergarten student at Keenburg. “I wanted to keep her home to make sure she wasn’t going to get it.”
The incident may have been exaggerated, however, according to Keenburg Principal Jason Hartley.


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