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Bestselling author writes book on Overmountain Victory Trail


Every year the Overmountain Victory Trail Celebration musters a host of revolutionary-war era reenactors and Book-E-4x6Chistorians, telling stories and demonstrating the life of an American soldier in the late 1700s South.

Joining the soldiers, settlers and storytellers this year was a writer whose latest work revolves around the Trail – a work inspired by the kind of faulty view of history the celebration tries to correct.

“A man said to me, ‘A battle in the South? I thought the war was fought in Pennsylvania, and Massachussetts, and New York,’” Sharyn McCrumb said Saturday. “That’s why I wrote the book.”

“The book” is the New York Times bestselling writer’s latest work, “King’s Mountain,” a historical novel that explores the march of the Overmountain Men from Abingdon, Va., to King’s Mountain, N.C.

McCrumb’s books draw heavily on the imagery of East Tennessee and North Carolina, exploring the history of the region and the people who have lived here over the years. According to the author, “King’s Mountain” is written to shine some light on the oft-ignored contributions made in the South to the Revolutionary War effort – like those overlooked by the man who inspired the novel.

“It made sense to start at Sycamore Shoals, because everything stems from this,” said McCrumb during her discussion of the book’s upcoming release.


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