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Birchfield’s Auction caps undefeated season


The Birchfield’s Auction Red Sox capped an unbeaten 16-0 season with a rousing 18-16 win over the Bojangles Astros to take the Carter County Boys and Girls Club T-Ball championship on Monday evening at the Elizabethton Recreation Center.

Photo by Danny DavisXandy Crockett loads up her swing for Birchfield's Auction Red Sox during Monday's 18-16 win over the Bojangles Astrosw.

Photo by Danny Davis
Xandy Crockett loads up her swing for Birchfield’s Auction Red Sox during Monday’s 18-16 win over the Bojangles Astrosw.

The Sox scored nine runs in each of their two innings at the plate and showed good hitting ability with several extra base hits, but they first had to overcome a top of the first onslaught from Bojangles.

“This group of kids played great all year,” manager Jason Blevins said. “They went 16-0 and did a great job. Most of this team has been together for three years now and I’m super proud of them.”


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