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‘Board actions’ cited as reason for trust fund donation denial


The Elizabethton City School System has been denied a donation of up to $2 million from an anonymous trust because of actions trust administrators deemed “uncooperative.” The administrators also expressed concern about “volatility on the board.”

Director of Schools Ed Alexander gave the board of education an update on the status of the trust donation during its meeting Thursday evening. Alexander said he had contacted the trust administrators to receive a status on the donation and was told the request for funding had been denied.

Alexander said individuals involved with the trust approached the school system one year ago about making a donation toward the first phase on the newest plan of capital projects for the schools. The first phase of capital improvements is the addition of classrooms, restrooms and handicap accessibility upgrades at T.A. Dugger Junior High and an athletic complex at Elizabethton High School. Alexander said the system hoped the large private donation would have encouraged the city leaders to help with the funding for the remainder of the cost of the project.


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