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Board eyes expanded policy on nepotism


The Carter County Board of Education decided to table a resolution designed to limit nepotism in the school system during its meeting on Thursday evening.

Photo by Danny Davis
Jerry McMahan discusses nepotism policy during the Carter County Board of Education meeting Thursday afternoon.

There were two resolutions concerning nepotism on the school board’s docket, the first of which was struck down because of unclear language.

“The revised policy stated that it would only apply to professionals,” said Director of Carter County Schools Kevin Ward. “The board voted it down because we didn’t want to limit it to just professionals.”

Board member Jerry McMahan, who vocally supported the revised policy, said that the issue of nepotism needed  to be addressed.

“There’s been a lot of discussion in the community about nepotism,” McMahan said. “In some of our schools, we have husbands or wives supervising their spouse, their children, nieces, nephews, and so forth.”


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