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Carrigers among county’s earliest soldiers


The name “Carriger’ is quite prominent in Carter County history. It is also etched in gold on at least seven of the bricks on the Carter County Veterans Wall of Honor. Among the Carriger names on the Wall of Honor are Godfrey Carriger Sr. and his grandson, Christian Carriger.

Both are among Carter County’s earliest residents. Godfrey was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and his son, Christian, servied with the Carter County Militia during the War of 1812 as well as the Mexican War.

The Carriger family, which settled in the Watauga Valley around 1782, was among the wealthiest in the county. They were slaveholders and several of them were politicians.

Godfrey Carriger Sr. moved to the Watauga Valley from Pennsylvania. The Carriger land extended from the mouth of Stoney Creek to Wilbur Dam and included all the land between the river and Stoney Creek, almost to Winner.


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