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Carter County could become next Tennessee recycling hub


Three Carter County municipalities are entering into an agreement that could make the county become the home of the next Tennessee recycling hub.

Friday at the monthly Landfill Committee meeting, Chairman Joel Street said there is currently a recycling hub in Middle and West Tennessee and Carter County may fill the state’s east region void.

An example of this kind of hub is located in Henderson, Tenn., where a $282,500 Tennessee Department of Environment Conservation’s Division of Solid Waste and Hazardous Management grant helped build a recycling empire to support Chester County Solid Waste operations, according to chestercountytn.org.

Just like in West Tennessee, Landfill Director Benny Lyons is seeking the grant, which could only be made possible through an alliance with the cities of Elizabethton and Watauga.

Lyons and Street have met with representatives of each municipality to discuss the opportunity.

“Both parties were very open to the project,” Street said. “They are going to be taking the appropriate steps. We’re excited about it.”

The grant, which does not require the municipalities to match the donation, could help open up about seven recycling locations throughout the county, Lyons said.

“They will maintain the locations and we will take care of hauling it to our facility,” Lyons said. “That will be part of the grant. We need some boxes to put out for recycling materials to go into. It will really help our program a lot.”

All three municipalities will need to approve a resolution before they can apply for the grant.

Another agreement between the Carter County Solid Waste department and the city of Elizabethton could come to fruition if the numbers make fiscal sense.

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One Response to Carter County could become next Tennessee recycling hub

  1. Daniel says:

    So let me get this straight. We want to be a refuse recycling hub for who knows how great an area. We don’t entertain the thought of keeping or creating jobs that are above state average pay. When business and industry try to invest real job opportunities for local workers, they are run out of town. Now they want us to buy into the notion that it would be a good thing for us to be the garbage capitol of east Tennessee. Such a facility would be quite an eyesore for the community, not to mention the odor of the recycling process of plastics, paper and so on. Stand up residents of Carter County, don’t let them push their crap on us.

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