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Carter County’s Got Talent crowns winners


With a perfect score, 8-year-old Emma Grubbs won first place with her opera-style singing in last week’s Carter County’s OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGot Talent contest.

Emma said that, when she finished, it made her feel good about her talent when the crowd clapped for her.

“They clapped really hard,” she said. “When I walked off stage, I smiled and I really just like the feeling of singing.”
Emma performed “Pie Jesu” and “Sebben Crudele” for the talent contest’s panel – and was thrilled to see that the three judges held up their paddles with a score of five on each one.

“It felt really good because I had never won anything before, and I was crying,” she said.

“We were very excited,” said Gina Roberson, Emma’s mother. “I think she may have been the only one that got a perfect score.”

When she gets a little older, Emma said she has plans to try out for “American Idol,” and “Carter County’s Got Talent” was great practice.

“After the contest, I felt like I wanted to do more contests and keep on trying out for things,” she said. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Emma said she doesn’t find it difficult to learn operas, which are rarely written in English.

“I’ve sang in Latin, English and I’m learning to sing in German and Italian,” she said. “My mom wants me to learn a song in the language of Gaelic.”


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