Always the one…

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Influx of migrating birds helps increase year’s bird list

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Shorebirds, warblers and hummingbirds moving through region

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Great Egret among recent sightings of spring migrants

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Transition in the seasons brings new birds

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Birding good at Austin Springs in March

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Time was right for eagles to nest

Published 4/1/2013 at 17:00 pm 1 Comment

Redhead numbers on the rise at area locations

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Red-shouldered Hawk a new bird for yard and year

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Goldeneye, several sparrows help increase year list

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Harlequin Duck gives January birding an exciting finale

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Friends reach January birding goals

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Brant observation adds new bird to life list

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Looking for a lot of birds in 2013

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Cooper’s Hawk common feeder visitor

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Christmas Bird Counts held for Elizabethton, Roan Mountain

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Cardinals make excellent symbols for a joyous Christmas celebration

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Wilbur Lake winter home for visiting Buffleheads

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Feathered Friends: Wandering herons, big bugs provide late summer fun from natural world

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Feathered Friends: Hummer numbers increase, duck stamps now available

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Feathered Friends: Eastern Meadowlark common bird in the region’s grassland habitats

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Feathered Friends: Bald Eagle reigns as national symbol

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Feathered Friends: Patience a virtue with hummingbirds

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Feathered Friends: Summer Bird Count locates 114 species

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Feathered Friends: Window strike by Swainson Thrush ends with a fortunate conclusion

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