Survey: Uninsured rate drops; health law cited

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Americans riding public transit in record numbers

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E-cigarettes: fresh air or smoke and mirrors?

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Under Armour extends speedskating suit deal

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Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion

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Fears of slowdown sharpen focus on US jobs report

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Farm bill doesn’t just benefit farmers

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Bourbon, Tenn. whiskey sales up in US, overseas

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FDA launching anti-smoking campaign aimed at youth

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Music a big focus in Super Bowl ads

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Small investors on edge as stocks drop worldwide

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Irwindale spicing up suit against Sriracha plant

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Obama: Job training must reflect changing economy

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Boston Globe owner Henry takes on publisher role

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FDA says nutrition facts label will get a makeover

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AP Exclusive: New regs sought for child car seats

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Weak earnings drag US stocks mostly lower

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Google builds a ‘Nest’ for future of smart homes

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House ready to OK government-wide $1.1T budget

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Bourbon truly American, despite foreign ties

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Popcorn Sutton opening facility in Newport

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Boeing machinists voting on contract tied to 777X

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Health overhaul benefits take effect with new year

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Federal health care sign-ups pass 1 million mark

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Stocks are flat in quiet end-of-year trading

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