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Cemetery association plans annual celebration on Walnut Mountain


The annual celebration day for the Walnut Mountain Cemetery Association is scheduled for Sunday, May 26, at 1 p.m. Many assemble in memory of the loved ones interred in the cemetery. Although those in attendance come from far and wide, their original roots are from the beautiful Walnut Mountain area.

If you plan to attend, you are asked to bring enough food to feed your family members plus two.

The association was founded in 1982 by the work and dedication of the original members which include Amy Baird, Darnel Baird, Hubert Banner, Ray Banner, Orpha Dugger, Howard Hayes, Ida Heaton, L.J. Heaton, Dallas Irick, Haley Irick, Orville Marlow, Goldie Pierce, Lee Vines and Denver VonCannon. Many of the original members have died, but their family members have taken their places and continue the good work.

The association’s members expressed thanks to the many volunteers who help keep the cemetery in good condition. In the spring, volunteers help the association get ready for this annual event. In addition to labor and time, many donate money for the upkeep of the cemetery, and others offer storage of the picnic tables and equipment. Without all of this cooperation from many people, this annual event and the beautifully maintained cemetery would not happen.

Anyone who is unable to attend this year’s event but would like to donate to the cemetery may send donations to the Walnut Mountain Cemetery Association in care of Sheila Morton, 931 Rittertown Road, Hampton, TN 37658.


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