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Child neglect charges dismissed against parents


Charges against a Butler couple accused of neglecting their children were dismissed Wednesday in Carter County Criminal Court.

Donald Lee McNair II and Pamela Henderson were arrested in 2009 after their child was found along Highway 321. The Carter County Sheriff’s Department reported that the child left the couple’s nearby residence as an older sister was babysitting him and two other children. Investigators said the house was unsafe and the floor was covered in trash and dirty clothes.

In June 2010, McNair was arrested a second time on child neglect charges at a campsite in Butler. Officers said McNair appeared to be intoxicated and was endangering his children. The mother was not present.

Last year, the Department of Children’s Services disagreed and said the parents did not endanger their children. The District Attorney’s office decided to continue the case for one year. If no problems were reported, then the case would be dismissed.

The parents returned to court on Wednesday and due to no additional problems, the charges were formally dismissed.


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