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Commissioner Joel Street seeks county mayor post



So far in the county mayoral race, current Carter County Commissioner Joel Street will be up against incumbent Leon Humphrey in the May Republican primary election.

Current 2nd District Carter County Commissioner Joel Keith Street Sr. says his life experiences have instilled in him the necessary qualities to become the next Carter County mayor.

“I know I can make a difference, if given the opportunity,” said Street, whose name will appear on the May Republican primary ballot. “I got to the point in my life that I felt like I had time to work to improve the county. I was spending a lot of time on the farm and I transferred my time over to the commission.”

Seven generations of Street’s family have called Carter County home. It’s also where 36 years ago he married his wife Debbie with whom he has two children.

With future generations in mind, Street said he is concerned with the current state of government in Carter County.
“I believe with the right leadership and the ability to listen to different points of views, we can work together for the common good of all Carter County,” Street said.

Street said he would like to encourage citizens to come together and support a common interest to improve the county. He wants to see citizens more involved in learning about government.

“To address our problems, we must ask the right questions,” Street said. “That’s how you find the solution.”

Even if elected as mayor, Street said he would be able to continue to work alongside fellow citizens to discover solutions to county issues.

Since joining the crusade to improve the quality of life for Carter County citizens, Street has served in the capacity of chairman for the Carter County Landfill and Highway committees.

“I have contributed to countless other projects too numerous to mention,” Street said in a press release. “All this together with a working knowledge of our county’s government has led me to this decision.”

Another interest of Street’s is economic development. Growth is not just about industrialization, but housing is a point of focus Street said he would like citizens to keep in mind as well.

“If you put 100 homes up in Carter County, it helps the tax base,” Street said. “We need to be friendly in all economic development areas.

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2 Responses to Commissioner Joel Street seeks county mayor post

  1. Eddie Lewis says:

    That would be nice to listen to the voters and their problems and concerns but that will only happen if the voters vote out Yoga Bear and the yellowstone troupe for they don’t want to hear from the citizens at all, the comment section for the meetings are at the end after all the voting has taken place. What do you plan on doing about that if elected?

  2. MIKE says:

    Anyone in Carter County can get along with our present county commissioners as long as you do not challenge them,most are accustomed to the” good ole boys” way of doing county business as has been the case with previous county mayors.

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