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Committee backs director’s decision to address ramp over other projects


After receiving no additional funds from the county for the upcoming year, the county’s Landfill Committee faced a choice: which of three projects would take priority for available funding.

On Friday morning, per the recommendation of Landfill Director Benny Lyons, the committee agreed to give the No. 1 priority to the paving of the ramp leading to the scales at the Carter County Landfill.

On May 9, Lyons approached the Budget Committee to request a funding increase of $70,000 to pay for completing the convenience center at Elk Mills, the lease on the landfill’s scales, and ‘Free Day,’ which allowed county residents to deposit their trash at the landfill at no cost.

Because those funds were denied, Landfill Committee Chairman Joel Street asked Lyons to place priority on these and other projects. Lyons said the ramp was his most immediate concern, because the county could end up spending more money to repair it during the winter months.

“Right now, it’s gravel,” Lyons said. “I don’t know if any of you know what salt from the road will do to gravel, but it will turn it to mush. If we get a topping on this before wintertime, we’re going to save money in the long run.”


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