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Cooperation is needed in the General Assembly


To the editor:

In brief response to Chairman Jim Buchanan’s letter dated 10/10/12 (regarding his disparaging remarks about our incumbent representative in the Tennessee General Assembly, Kent Williams), I would like to share my thoughts.

Mr. Buchanan is clearly still living in remembrance of the era in Tennessee government history between the years of 1923 to 1971 when there was a long run of Democratic governors. Since that time (1971) the gubernatorial terms have been alternated in such a way that it is disingenuous to say this area has only received the “crumbs” from the Democratically controlled table.

Kent Williams is a true Republican that has fought for our area wholeheartedly as our representative and former Speaker of the Assembly. No one has any valid reason to discount his well-balanced conservative service and respectful diplomacy, always mindful to work in a bipartisan way to solve the challenges our state leaders face in every session.

If total unwillingness to work with anyone else but fellow party members gives anyone the false right to shun a party’s best and most intelligent asset, then such should realize this is promotion of further divisiveness when cooperation and unity are so sorely needed in our State Assembly.

Kent works for the best interests of our district and state. My vote, respect and trust stays with Kent Williams, our Carter County lifelong Republican.

-K.L. Houston, Elizabethton


5 Responses to Cooperation is needed in the General Assembly

  1. nigel west dickens says:

    cooperation is good. lying to your fellow representatives prevents cooperation. that is why kent williams has been ineffective since he lost he gavel as speaker: he is not trusted and we cannot trust him.


    • JPCANNON says:

      Mr. Nigel West Dickens – I believe you are the same person who accused me of posting under a “fake” name. But here is the truth about who is a FAKE:
      And since we know who’s video you continue to post there is a fairly easy assumption to be made of your true identity.

      • nigel west dickens says:

        the video was shared with me by a friend who follows thom gray on facebook. it is not my video; as far as i know it was posted by gray’s campaign.

        and yes i use a pseudonym just as you do.

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