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County assessor says line-item budget cuts could be costly


At least one officeholder is feeling the pinch of budget season as Carter County continues to make cuts and reductions in next year’s budget.

During its June 6 meeting, the county’s Budget Committee voted to strike each office’s line item that had been designated “other charges.” For some offices, such as the county trustee, that meant a $100 reduction.

For other offices, however, the reduction had a much bigger impact.

“I had $15,500 in my budget,” said Assessor of Property Ronnie Taylor. “Some offices had as little as $100, and some of them didn’t even have that line in their budget.”

Before the decision was made, Taylor, who was present at the meeting, explained where the money for that particular line item is used in his office.

“We use it for our TMA, which is Tax Management Association,” Taylor said. “They do all of our major audits. We have to be able to pay that bill. If we don’t maintain audit, the state will fine the county 5 percent of the public works revenue.”

Taylor added that the “other charges” money is also used to fund the digital mapping of the county through his office’s geographic information system, or GIS.


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