July 26th , 2013 10:07 am 2 Comments

County Commission overrides county mayor’s budget vetoes


In a specially called session Friday morning, the Carter County Commission voted to override both of County Mayor Leon Humphrey’s vetoes regarding the tax rate and the upcoming budget.

With the tax rate and budget now confirmed by the commission, the property tax rate will rise to $2.33 for every $100 of a property’s value, with 15 cents allocated for the General Fund and 3 cents added to the Debt Service Fund.

For more details, look in Sunday’s edition of the STAR.


2 Responses to County Commission overrides county mayor’s budget vetoes

  1. stratman56 says:

    You know what this means? Election time will come ,and out you all go. We need people who look after the home owners and not just a few. I can see helping the schools and the elderly, but others could defend for themselves.

  2. LO says:

    That’s why when I presented that photo speed enforcement come to the county it was shot down. What was presented was that approximately $500,000 could come into the county per year paid by violators with speeding issues. 40% go to the county school system, 40% go to the sheriff department and 20% go into the general fund which would help everyone’s budget issues and help mine and your taxes from rising. What would they not like from that??? I live in Elizabethton and now my taxes are gonna rise another $400+ a year because they didn’t like photo speed enforcement speed “trap” as they call it…..well, if you don’t speed, you won’t pay! But you know everyone speeds so let them pay for the budget that we the hardworking people have to take out of our pocket. I’m telling you, its the best way to bring money into the county. If I can save and you can save then what is the problem!!!???

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