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County commission’s disfunction stinks


To the editor,

People of Carter County, you really need to attend the Carter County Commission meetings. It will become very obvious there is a definite need to reduce the size of the commission. This group makes the Keystone Cops look presidential.

The mayor attempted to lead an intelligent discussion on the concerns of cooking in the county clerk’s office space and about odors coming through the vent system to the second floor and how this can be corrected.

At some point, the cooking of potatoes and onions entered the discussion. Steve Lowrance, 4th District commissioner, stood up and proclaimed how much he likes “taters and onions” cooked together and hoped he would be invited next time they were cooked. Later he said he would bring some ramps. You just have to wonder if his goal was to keep the people on the second floor as uncomfortable as possible.

This is a small, but glaring, example of some of the discussions that went on. Most of the time, the goals of the commission seemed to be avoid making a decision and simply kick the can down the road.

Folks, you just have to come and witness first-hand the utter disfunction of our county commission. It is no wonder our new jail is so screwed up.

-K. Jack Cole, Elizabethton


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