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County hopes lightening load keeps roof over heads, off ground


Carter County commissioners are looking for ways for the County Courthouse to take a load off after many years of service.

And an engineering firm agrees with that search.

After an engineering firm determined that an overabundance of records was damaging the building’s structural integrity, the county has begun seeking ways to lighten the load on the Carter County Courthouse’s third floor.

Earlier this week, the county’s Building and Grounds Committee addressed the situation on the third floor, as well as its cause.

Committee Chairman L.C. Tester cited the engineers’ report, which said the courthouse’s structure was in jeopardy “because of the age of the building, and we have just kept storing records up there.”

“The main concern, according to the architect, is getting the weight off the building,” Tester said. “Once we get this weight out of there and get the rooms cleaned out, they will be coming back to look at it and give their recommendations on what should be done.”


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