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County leaders get close-up look at what it takes to run a landfill


County commissioners braved a chilling rain and soggy soles as they toured the Carter County Landfill to familiarize Photo by Brandon Hicksthemselves with its day-to-day operations.

On Friday morning, Landfill Director Benny Lyons and Landfill Committee Chairman Joel Street led commissioners on a guided tour of the county’s solid waste facilities, so that they might better understand the their operations.

Although Street had invited the entire commission, the county mayor, and other elected officials, most were absent as the tour began on the drizzly morning.

“I was hoping more people would be able to come,” Street said. “This is to see the operations, and see the things that have been accomplished.”

In total, seven commissioners took part in the guided tour, which ranged from the landfill to the recycling center to the new Elk Mills facility.

Although he said he had hoped for more attendance, Lyons said, overall, the tour went well.
Photo by Brandon Hicks
“I think it turned out to be very informative,” Lyons said. “I hope that it kind of brought attention to what we actually do up here.”

Lyons added that commissioners may now have a better understanding of the scale of his duties.

“When you think solid waste, you think it’s just the landfill, but there’s a lot more to go with it,” Lyons said. “It opened their eyes as far as what I have to do here. The different stations, the demo site, the recycling center, it’s a fairly big operation as far as what we do every day.”

Before educating them on his operation, however, Lyons informed committee members on the state of the county’s new disposal contract with Advanced Disposal. According to Lyons, from Monday through Thursday, seven loads were hauled from the landfill at a cost of $3,350.68. He then compared the current costs to the costs of the county’s last disposal company, Allied Waste.


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