July 18th , 2013 14:10 pm 2 Comments

County mayor vetoes budget, 18-cent tax increase


Citing contradictions with Tennessee state law, on Thursday afternoon, County Mayor Leon Humphrey vetoed the budget that was approved Monday by the Carter County Commission.

The budget, which included an 18-cent increase in the county’s property tax, was approved after several hours of deliberation and compromise.

According to Humphrey, the commission’s decision was contradictory to a section of the Tennessee Code Annotated that refers to the adjustment of a county’s Debt Service Fund.

For more details on this story, look in Friday’s edition of the STAR.


2 Responses to County mayor vetoes budget, 18-cent tax increase

  1. Nate Rector says:

    they should have raised sales tax where everybody pays.Tired of these welfare people getting no tax

  2. mollynscooby says:

    Finally someone who is willing to stand up for the people he represents. Before anything is decided the county commissioners that are suppose to represent us should learn to live within their budget like we have too. We don’t get a raise to pay for these increases every time they decide they need more money, while supposedly doing the peoples business. What are we getting for all these increases? Nothing. I don’t like the thought of another tax, but a wheel tax would be more fair. That way it’s not the property owners that have to foot the bill for everything. If we get nothing for our hard earned money everyone else should share in getting nothing also. It would be a shame if they don’t get the money to mail the property tax cards so we know how much they are ripping us off for….

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