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County residents seek help with flooding issues in Hampton


Residents of Browns Branch Road asked for the county’s help in July to replace a drainage tile to keep water off the Highway-Meet-A-4x6Croadway.

The tile was eventually replaced, but the issue of drainage continues to flow as the county’s Highway Committee convened for its August meeting.

On Monday morning, residents of Melrose Street in Hampton took their turn asking the county for help, approaching the committee for assistance maintaining and expanding a ditch line to ease flooding that has persisted in light of this year’s heavy rains.

But the problem isn’t a new one, they say.

Melrose resident Helen Cates said that, for more than 50 years, she and her neighbor have maintained a ditch line in an alleyway behind her home.

“The county needs to do something about it,” Cates said. “The debris that’s coming from where the water originates is coming down into our lawn. I just don’t think it’s right that we have to take care of that ditch.”


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