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County schools’ EpiPen supply renewed for free


Carter County Schools health coordinator Beth Bare discovered a program that means each county school will have two EpiPen Auto-Injectors on hand – free of charge.

“Hopefully, we will never have to use them, but if we do, they will be there,” Bare said.

With the school system’s EpiPen supply on the verge of expiring this year, the shipment of EpiPens arrived Thursday, and Bare hopes to distribute them to all county schools by early next week. Each school will have one adult dose and one child dose on hand in case of an emergency, she said.

An EpiPen grant program facilitated by Bioridge Pharma/Mylan Specialty saved the county between $3,500 and $5,000, depending on where the system would have bought the injectors and how many they would have purchased.

“We probably would not have been able to buy as many … if we had to purchase them ourselves,” Bare said.

Reflecting on his experience with students who have severe allergies, Hunter Elementary School Principal Brandon Carpenter said he was glad to see the new injectors come into the school on Friday.

“It can be a very dangerous situation,” Carpenter said. “EpiPens can really make the difference in life and death.”

The injectors contain epiphenedrine, which is known to assist a person who is having an allergic reaction until help can arrive.

“We’re excited because it is such a burden off of our budget this year,” Bare said. “Of course, it is a benefit to be able to provide that to our students that do not have known allergies.”


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