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Courier changes impact Imagination Library applications


Changes to the Tennessee library courier system have also changed the way the Carter County Imagination Library delivers applications for Imagination Libraries in other counties.

Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library Director Mel Goff told the Imagination Library board the library would no longer to be able to deliver those applications using the courier service.

The ECCPL receives applications for the Imagination Library from Mountain States Health Alliance in one large group. Library staff sorts the applications and keeps the ones from Carter County. The others were separated and were placed into book deliveries for other local libraries through the courier system.

However, the state made changes to the way the courier operates. Instead of using regional library employees to make deliveries directly from library to library, a state employee comes to each library and picks up the books to be delivered. The books are taken to a processing center in Knoxville, where the books are separated and packaged to be delivered to their destination.


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