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Courthouse crunch easing as disposal of excess records accelerates


With room at the Carter County Courthouse increasingly hard to come by, some Carter County officeholders are on track Photo by Danny DavisRecordsto free up space occupied by records that should have been purged long ago.

At its Thursday meeting, the Records Committee approved 19 record disposition requests.

“The last meeting we had … we approved the form for (officeholders) to be able to get rid of records, and now they are using them, which is good,” said Records Committee Chairman Scott Bowers. “It has an immediate impact.”

Thursday afternoon being the first time he could request the destruction of records, Trustee Randal Lewis had several records disposal requests for the committee to consider.

The committee approved destroying miscellaneous receipts and books dated 1962 through 1984 and 1989 through 1994, investment ledgers dated 1985 through 2003, bank statements dated 1992 through 1994, sales tax reports dated 1984 through 1994, office copies of payroll records dated 1994 through 2007, bank deposit slips dated 1989 through 2004 and cancelled warrants and checks dated 1981 through 2005.

Bowers reassured the committee that Lewis’ property tax reports dated 2001 through 2009 were OK to destroy.


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