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Daughter pays tribute to Linda B. Buckles


To the editor:

My momma, Linda Barker Buckles, passed away Sept. 24, 2012, after suffering many years in pain.

So many of you knew her as a friendly, supportive and strong mother. Others considered her as their very own. Rose Brown best described her as “Mother Bear.”

Many of you who loved mom have contacted me and said the kindest words to help me through this heartbreaking time.

My mom was truly the strongest woman I’ve ever known. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom. She protected all five of us, and was one of the biggest supporters of the Betsy Band. She loved watching us practice as well as perform.

My mom never spent one night away from her kids. She would rather be with us than have a babysitter. I just wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to know what a wonderful mom she was. She was the most selfless human being I have ever known. She lived for her kids and grandkids.

I will truly miss my momma, but I’m so glad she will no longer suffer. I love you momma.

Heather Duncan, Elizabethton


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