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Deputies say abandoned van yields shake-and-bake lab


Investigators say they found a shake-and-bake methamphetamine lab Wednesday in an abandoned vehicle found parked last month in the middle of a county road.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Carter County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Mike Little and Lt. Patrick S. Johnson examine an item removed from a van which also contained a suspected methamphetamine lab on Wednesday. Little said officers located evidence which may aid in the investigation.

Lt. Mike Little of the Carter County Sheriff’s Department said the purple Dodge Caravan had been located by residents parked on Rockhouse Road in western Carter County on Oct. 26. The van had been left partially in the road. A property owner where the vehicle had been left requested the van be towed. A tow truck from Tiny’s Towing then took the vehicle to its lot in Elizabethton.

Staff at Hyder Used Cars on Big Springs Road, which had a lien on the vehicle, repossessed the vehicle, Little said. Tiny’s then took the vehicle to Hyder’s property. The staff at the used car lot were unable to enter the vehicle because the van was locked. They obtained a key and entered the van on Wednesday.

Little said they located suspicious items in the van and called the sheriff’s department for assistance. A deputy responded and determined it to be a shake-and-bake meth lab.

Little said the lab was found in a black backpack. He said several methamphetamine precursors, items used to cook meth, were also located in the van.


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