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Despite rumors, Big Lots is not on the move


While rumors are swirling throughout Carter County, it appears that Big Lots is staying in its current location and will not be moving to the old Magic Mart location.

Big Lots Store Manager Jeff Street said he had also heard the rumors from customers who visited the store but could not confirm the truth to the stories.

“We’ve been hearing it too,” Street said. “I have seen nothing in writing. If the decision is made to relocate, they will notify us here in writing. I have not heard that it is something being considered. I am just hearing what is coming through the door.”

Elizabethton Chief Building Official Robert Montgomery said no paperwork had been filed for a certificate of occupancy to move the business from its current spot in the Betsytowne Shopping Center to the old Magic Mart.

“No paperwork has been filed,” he said. “We have heard the hearsay too but we have received nothing for them.”


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