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Direct Line: Reader says obituaries are being missed with no newspaper published on Mondays


Q. When will the Elizabethton STAR be published again on Mondays? Obituaries of individuals who die on Sunday don’t usually appear in the STAR until Tuesday afternoon. I often don’t see the obituary notice until late Tuesday afternoon when the newspaper is delivered. Sometimes it is after the funeral has been held.

A. Elizabethton STAR Publisher Nathan Goodwin said many daily newspapers in the United States have discontinued Monday publication as a cost-savings measure prompted by the slow economy. The STAR decided to do this instead of raising subscription rates after talking to many in the community who were seeing increases in all their monthly bills. “It’s very important to us to remain affordable for our community, not just today but in the future as well,” Goodwin said. As a courtesy to local funeral homes desiring to publish an obituary in the Sunday newspaper, the deadline to receive obituary notices has been extended on Saturday nights. Although the STAR does not publish on Mondays, any obituaries for Monday are published on the STAR’s website, www.starhq. com.


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