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Directline: EPD enforces violations of handicapped parking


Q. Does the Elizabethton Police Department issue citations to handicapped parking violators in parking lots in shopping centers, grocery stores and restaurants in Elizabethton? 

A. According to Police Chief Matt Bailey, the Elizabethton Police Department does issue citations to motorists who are in violation of Elizabethton City Code 15-604 (Parking Where Prohibited). In the past 12 months, EPD has issued 14 handicapped parking citations. What follows is the City Code that EPD officers use for enforcement purposes:

Elizabethton City Code 15- 604 Parking Where Prohibited states: “No person shall park a vehicle in violation of any sign placed or erected by the state or city, nor: In a parking space clearly identified by an official sign as being reserved for the physically handicapped, unless, however, the person driving the vehicle is physically handicapped or parking such vehicle for the benefit of a physically handicapped person. A vehicle parking in such a space shall display a certificate or placard as set forth in the state statutes, or a disabled veteran’s license plate issued by any state.”

Tennessee Code Annotated §55-21-108; Unauthorized use of disabled parking or placard — Violations — Penalties states: “Any person not meeting the requirements of §55-21-103 who uses a disabled placard to obtain parking commits a misdemeanor. The disabled placard used to obtain parking by a person not meeting the requirements of §55-21-103 shall be subject to forfeiture and confiscation by state and local authorities in their respective jurisdictions.”


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