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Double standards for some commissioners



This is in regard to a subject that I brought up at the full Commission meeting that got tabled. It’s something that I feel the citizens of Carter County need to be aware of when they attend a meeting.

If you, as an “ordinary citizens” attend a meeting, be prepared to go through the metal detector for any weapons, knives, etc. just like you would at the airport. If you set it off, be prepared to empty your pockets of everything until the deputy is satisfied you are not a threat. Ladies, be prepared to have your purses searched if it sets it off.

However, if you are “certain” commissioners, you can hand your briefcase or bag to the deputy. If you set it off, you walk through – no bag checking, no emptying of pockets.handed . But, if you are not one of “those” commissioners, you will be subject to the same search procedures as us “ordinary citizens”. I have witnessed these “certain” commissioner go through first-hand. When I questioned the deputy about not searching their bag nor the commissioner, he stated, “I know him”. Well, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. I have seen tempers flair too much in those meetings and I would feel better if everyone was searched the same.

I asked Sheriff Mathes about this and he suggested I bring it up at the meeting, so I did. He proceeded to comment that, “he served at the pleasure of the commissioners.” I thought Sheriff Mathes was elected by the population of Carter County to serve at the pleasure of the ENTIRE population of citizens, not just at the commissioner’s pleasure. I guess I was mistaken.

Let’s not forget that these commissioners were at one time, “ordinary citizens” just like we are until they ran for commissioner and were elected to conduct business by their constituents (ordinary citizens). I feel should still be treated as “ordinary citizens”.

I have been told that some of these commissioners feel more threatened by some of the ones they sit at the table with than they do the people in the audience, and when I stated that, Chairman “Yogi” Bowers, didn’t like it. Commissioner Brown was rudely told to “sit down and be quiet” by Chairman Bowers when she stated that she was one of those commissioners. Please see the video for yourself. Go to and watch the video and see for yourself just how your commissioner reacted to this request that ALL people, including Mayor Humphrey, who if he should enter the courtroom and set off the detector, be searched.

-Jean Rhea, Hampton


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