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Drawing Jesus may have changed ex-prisoner’s life


It took almost three years for Jamie Wright to fully realize a catalyst in a renewed life – a pen-and-ink drawing of Jesus he drew while in prison and donated to an Elizabethton church.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Artist Jamie Wright uses a variety of mediums, including pastel, charcoal and graphite, to draw at his Elizabethton home.


Wright was on a work crew of prisoners from Roan Mountain’s Northeast Correctional Complex Annex in 2009, working at Elizabethton’s First Church of the Nazarene when he found himself inspired to draw a photo of Jesus. At the time, it was to show appreciation for the kindness members of the congregation had shown to Wright and his fellow prisoners, but it was only recently – when Wright came across a newspaper clipping about the drawing – that he began to realize how his life was somehow resurrected with that drawing.

“It made me come out here and live positively,” said Wright, now paroled and an Elizabethton resident, in a recent interview.


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