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Dugger, Colbaugh among area’s elite


It’s almost a certainty that one or two teams from the Watauga Valley Conference could wind up playing in the state tournament at Murfreesboro in March. And two of the league’s top guards should have an opportunity to play at the college level after graduation because of their dedication and hard work both on and off the floor.

The two destinations would be hard to reach for the average basketball player but Hampton’s Dorothy Dugger and Unaka’s Alicia Colbaugh are not your average run of the mill players.

Both are recognized among the elite guards in East Tennessee, but it’s how they got there which makes it that much more impressive.

Dugger tore her ACL against Cosby in the final game of her sophomore season.

“We were down with about three minutes to go and girl hit me from the side while I was pushing the ball up the floor,” Dugger said. “I’m usually able to bounce back up quickly but I knew something was wrong because I couldn’t walk. I felt like I let my team down because we ending up losing.

“When they told me what it was I made up my mind right then that I wasn’t going to let it get me down or give up. I was determined to work twice as hard and come back a much better basketball player.”

Her bouncing back is complete and she’s produced some super ball performances.

Dugger is currently averaging 20 points-per-game and a half-dozen assists as a two guard.

“I have a better feel and understanding for the game now,” added Dugger. “I feel much stronger too. Last year I would have to ice it down after every game but not now. I’m use to moving a

gain and now it doesn’t bother me at all.”
Colbaugh fills the stat sheet at 12 points, eight assists, five steals and seven rebounds per contest as Unaka’s starting point guard.

But not everything was a bed of roses during her junior season last year.


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