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EHS student creates winning logo design for Cap the Gap


Information technology students at Elizabethton High School were recognized for their efforts to help a local charity organization develop a new logo.

Birkner's winning Cap the Gap logo design.

Birkner’s winning Cap the Gap logo design.

Cap the Gap for Foster Care – Carter/Johnson/Unicoi Inc. gave each student who participated in the contest a certificate and presented contest winner Jennifer Birkner with a small prize for creating the winning logo design.

Birkner’s winning design features a ball cap with bright primary colors. The words “Cap the G_A_P For Foster Care – Carter, Johnson and Unicoi Inc.” over the design.

“When I read the title of the charity, it made me think of a cap and I wanted to incorporate the gap and the underscores represent that,” Birkner said. “Because it is for children, it made me think it should be colorful, and that is why I picked those colors.”

Cap the Gap President Joni Cannon said Birkner’s entry stood out because of the extra effort she put into her entry.

“This young lady went above and beyond what we asked her to do,” Cannon said. “She included stationary, business cards, a letterhead and a brochure.”

Birkner said she decided to include the extra materials after learning the agency needed the documents.

“They mentioned that they needed them, so I figured I would do it for them,” Birkner said.
Birkner’s logo will now be included in all of the documents Cap the Gap produces.


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