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Elizabethton doctor takes message into the classroom


Photo by Danny Davis Health

Photo by Danny Davis
Dr. Robert Schubert introduces his guest speaker, Joyce Butler, who represents Women Heart, a national coalition for women with heart disease, and explains that her presentation focuses on preventing heart disease and stroke.

Many only think of the doctor when they’re already sick.

Elizabethton Dr. Robert Schubert wants to change that.

“It’s my job to keep people healthy,” he said. “Part of the way you do that is through education.”

Schubert is putting that idea into action: he has been and plans to continue providing public health classes free of charge in Carter County.

While many those drawn to the classes so far are his patients, he said the whole community is invited.

“We decided to open it up to the community because there is no reason not to,” said Schubert, who is certified in family practice and clinical lipidology.

One of his first health classes was held at the Carter County Health Department Tuesday night.

His guest speaker was Joyce Butler, who focused on healthy food alternatives to help prevent heart disease and stroke.

“If this can help one person prevent a heart attack or stroke then it is worth it,” Schubert said.

Butler represents Women Heart, which is a national coalition for heart disease-stricken women.

“This is just one of many topics we hope to address,” he said.

Jennifer Werder, an MDVIP representative, was on hand to support Schubert and Butler during the health class.

Schubert is able to provide the classes free of charge through advantages provided to him through the MDVIP program, which is centered upon personalized healthcare and was founded in 2000.


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