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Elizabethton liquor-store referendum passes with 58 percent of vote


Elizabethton voters soundly backed a referendum to allow package stores in the city, a vote one of the measure’s key backers called a win for taxpayers.

The liquor store referendum passed 2,742-1,958, a 58.34 percent to 41.66 percent margin.

Elizabethton business owner Billy Chappell organized the petition to have the referendum placed on the ballot and was one of the biggest supporters of the measure.

“We are excited,” Chappell said after the referendum passed. “It is a great day for Elizabethton and for the citizens of the city.”

Chappell started the petition as a way to bring in more sale tax revenue for Elizabethton, noting the revenues could be used for education and special projects in the city. He said in addition to sales tax collected on alcohol sales, there is also an additional alcohol tax that would increase revenues for the city.


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