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Elizabethton man arrested on kidnapping, fleeing charges


Police say an Elizabethton man led officers on a chase through Carter County Tuesday night after assaulting a woman in Johnson City and threatening to kill her with a knife in the cab of his truck.

Elizabethton police and Carter County deputies chased the vehicle, the occupants of which were reported to be in a rolling domestic dispute, from Stateline Road through Valley Forge on 19E to Gap Creek Road.

During the pursuit, police said they could see a woman through the rear window of the truck motioning for help and emergency dispatchers said that they could hear a woman begging the driver to stop and let her out on a cellphone left on in the cab.

Once the chase ended at approximately 11:30 p.m. Tuesday at the road block on Gap Creek Road, officers observed spattered blood throughout the cab of Randy Wayne Johnson’s Chevrolet pickup truck.

According to a Carter County Sheriff’s Department report authored by Deputy Nick Andes, the woman who was riding in the passenger seat of the truck was bleeding profusely from her mouth and nose and had a cut on the right side of her neck.

The apparent victim reported to police that Johnson punched her several times in the face during an argument somewhere in Johnson City.

She said after entering Carter County, Johnson took out a large black knife, held it to her throat and threatened to kill her.

The woman told police that during the ordeal, she pleaded with Johnson to let her go, but he refused.

Andes reported that the alleged victim began spitting and coughing up blood during her interview with police and was transported to Johnson City Medical Center for treatment.

Andes said while taking photographs of the blood inside the truck he found a pill identified as Oxycodone laying in plain view.

Johnson was arrested and charged with second-offense DUI, especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated domestic assault, reckless endangerment, felony evading arrest, driving on a suspended license and possession of a Schedule II controlled narcotic.

He was booked into the Carter County Jail and scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on April 23.


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