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Elizabethton schools chalk up state honor to intervention, structure, coaching


With the Elizabethton City School system earning statewide recognition as one of just five Tennessee school districts to achieve “exemplary” status, there’s a natural followup question.

How’d they do that?

“The structure is there, and that is where the results come from,” Superintendent Ed Alexander said Wednesday, noting the recognition was a result of the combined efforts the school system’s employees.

“The biggest recognition needs to go to the teachers and the students,” he said. “This is big. It shows what goes on in the classroom. We hope this is concrete evidence that the system is moving in the right direction.”

The school system earned the designation for improving student performance while narrowing achievement gaps. The system made improvements in closing gaps between groups of students and ensuring improvements for racial minorities, students with disabilities, limited English proficiency students and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Elizabethton City Schools was the only system in East Tennessee to earn the exemplary status.


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