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Elk viewing volunteers needed in Smokies


GATLINBURG, Tenn. (AP) — The Smokies needs volunteers to guide visitors who want to see the elk.

The herd is in Cataloochee — a remote mountain valley on the North Carolina side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Those volunteers selected will aid rangers in directing traffic and briefing visitors on responsible elk viewing.

Each volunteer is asked to work at least two scheduled, four-hour shifts per month starting the second week in May and continuing through November. For more information, call Park Ranger Pete Walker at (828) 506-1739.

Elk were reintroduced in Cataloochee in 2001as part of an experimental release to determine if an elk herd could sustain itself in the park after a 200-year absence. Approximately 140 elk now live in the self-sustaining herd.


One Response to Elk viewing volunteers needed in Smokies


    If volunteers aren’t able to be found tourists can always be directed to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park for viewing Elks but please keep in mind that the rules
    for coming to see the Elks are the same as for the Black Bears — the Park is their home!

    I haven’t been to the Park in a while because I travel so much for work but would encourage all visitors to Gatlinburg or North Carolina to take advantage of it. I’m frequently in New York on business and took the time and made the effort to go to Bear Mountain State Park in upstate New York to view their Bears.

    I was quickly disappointed as their Park was not like ours.
    Please visit our local gem for Elks as well as Black Bears. Although Brigitte Grisanti New York lover of all things New York is still going to be a New York semi-resident through business there’s no place like home (Gatlinburg, USA)!

    Happy Trails – Brigitte Grisanti

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