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EMA director issues warning about holiday kitchen fires


On Thanksgiving, many families gather to celebrate each other over what can sometimes be an exorbitant amount of food that has taken hours, if not days, to prepare.

Many may not be aware, however, that the preparations can have unexpected, and dangerous, consequences.

Elizabethton/Carter County Emergency Management Agency Director Andrew Worley said Thanksgiving, more than any other day, requires caution while working to prepare those meals.

“This time frame that we’re in is one of the worst for house fires all year,” Worley said. He added, “Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year for house fires involving cooking equipment.”

In an effort to curb potential house fires, Worley’s office has released information on how families can stay safe while preparing for the holidays.
According to Worley, the most hazardous preparation method might also be his personal favorite – deep frying turkeys.

“If you get on YouTube, you see a lot of videos of people trying to deep fry a turkey and it turns out disastrously,” Worley said. “That’s kind of been our focus for the last couple of days.”

Worley’s first safety tip – don’t put the turkey in the deep fryer while it’s still frozen.
“If you put one that’s frozen in, you’re going to cause a mini-explosion,” Worley said. “That hot boiling oil and frozen turkey (causes) a reaction that’s pretty violent.”


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