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Forest Service: Roan Mountain fire to worsen, but remain contained


A forest fire that has consumed more than 10 acres near the White Rock Mountain area on the outskirts of Roan Mountain is expected to get worse as the day goes on, but that doesn’t mean the situation is out of hand.

Guy Street, north zone fire management officer for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service, said that the fire will reach its “peak burn” period at approximately 2 p.m. During that time, Street said humidity will be at its lowest while temperatures remain highest, which will facilitate the fire spreading more rapidly.

Despite this, Street said the firefighting crews – comprised of firefighters from the Forest Service and from the Roan Mountain Volunteer Fire Department – have prepared for “peak burn,” and have devised several containment methods.

Though he expects the fire to be contained, Street said he was unable to provide an idea as to when the fire might be extinguished.

Check back here for more details on this story as they are made available.


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