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Four Nashville men agree to pay $2,000 each fishing fine


NASHVILLE — Four Nashville men must pay more than $2,000 each and refrain from fishing in Tennessee for three years after trying to keep 420 white bass.

According to a news release from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, on March 20 officer Brad Bagwell stopped four men who had been fishing in the tailrace waters below Cheatham Dam and were about to leave the river.

Searching the various compartments of their boat, he found that each person had 90 fish over the 15-per-day limit.

The men agreed to plead guilty on Wednesday to avoid trial.

Those charged are Phay Souksavong, Khamnovan Keomanyychanh, Kongham Pheneyongsa and So Akhom.

Bagwell said it was a first offense for all of them but they got a harsh penalty because the case was so severe.


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